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A CMS Comparison Guide – WordPress vs. Joomla

WordPress vs. Joomla, are you too confused about which one you should be using for your website?

Here it is, a definitive comparison guide to WordPress vs. Joomla.


A Brief Introduction:

When you consider website development or a content marketing system, a CMS or Content Management System is considered thy holy grail. Many organizations hit the plateau merely because they fail to recognize the power-packed benefits of CMS-driven web solutions.

On an average, 55% visitors have been found to spend less than 15 seconds on most websites. To catch their attention within these few seconds, an engaging site created by using platforms like WordPress and Joomla can work wonders.


The Origin:

WordPress initially began as a blog-host, and then graduated to encompass more than 75 million websites that it has today.

Joomla was created to be a highly potent website development and CMS tool. It stands with 2.8 million websites that run on Joomla until 2017.

You can install both WordPress and Joomla with just one click, but WordPress is a beginner’s haven while Joomla requires a higher level of technical expertise. The former platform powers nearly 28% of the web, which explains the benefits this platform can offer to users.


Type of Usage:

With a vast market share of 58.4%, WordPress is the way to go if you are looking to build a blog, small to medium-sized business website, or an enterprise-level portal. On the other hand, Joomla is used for social networking websites and E-commerce portals.

This difference in usage is due to the user base. While most beginners prefer WordPress, people with advanced technical skills prefer Joomla.


Both tools are free and have an active community which continuously fixes bug and releases updates, free of cost.


A CMS Comparison Chart:

ThemesMore than 4000 themes to suit a variety of purposesOffers a rather meagre number of over 1,000 themes
PluginsOffers approximately 45,000 pluginsOffers over 7,000 plugins
SEO IntegrationThird-party SEO plugins optimize the published content and focus on the best keywords.Has great plugins from viewpoint of functionality and you can develop your own.
UsabilityEven a complete novice can manage the content on their website efficiently with ease.For those who have an intermediate level knowledge of websites and programming, Joomla is a viable option.
Installation TimeLess than 5 minutesMore than 10 minutes
Number of Downloads140 million15 million


What Should You Choose?

The question remains: What is right for you? Which platform should you use for your content and website?

If you are a tech novice and need an easy to use interactive interface for your our own or company’s website, go to WordPress. If you own a small to medium business, blog, or an e-store choose WordPress.

This platform is preferred for its user-friendly and intuitive interface to ensure smooth transitions for its users. Joomla is the second most preferred CMS, and it serves as a middle ground between extremely simple WordPress and an overtly complex Drupal.

Second, do you have an enterprise-level website to take care of? Enterprise-sized websites characterized by their large structure, enormous visitor traffic, and multilingual availability target global markets. On all these counts, WordPress and Joomla, both can prove good choices, provided you have in-house technical expertise.

WordPress & Joomla allows the designers to access more than 70 languages for creating multiple sites for multi-national outreach.

The robust publishing tools with valuable features are straightforward to use in WordPress, while Joomla needs a technical bent of mind.

Most importantly, both can be set up to power multiple websites with capabilities for integrating domains, sub-domains, and subdirectories into the network.

In the end, both WordPress and Joomla are highly capable and potent tools. However, WordPress is a well-rounded CMS for everyone to understand easily. The final selection depends on your specific requirements.