Self-Care Apps Are Becoming a New Millennial Obsession

Mindfulness. Self-Care. Minimalism. Productivity. Self-development.

The healthy obsession of self-reflection and discovery has pushed our generation more than any other.

There isn’t much debate about it that only deliberate practice can lead to self-improvement. The path to wellness will always remain a journey and the focus on valuing oneself prevents you from feeling overwhelmed.  That’s how makers of self-care and digital wellness mobile apps are beginning to reap enormous benefits. They coach on specific aspects of each skill/goal in a practice session, help focus your attention on your goal, build upon each skill as it is mastered and evaluate your progress and gaps to improve overall performance.

A report conducted by Pew Research Center in 2015 suggest more millennials are spending on self-care essentials such as work-out regimes, diet plans, life coaching, therapy, guided meditation to improve their well-being.

But, why this growing interest?

A whole new generation of workforce agrees that workplace stress, anxiety about money, and unlimited news streaming is increasingly taking a toll on their health. Millennials marry later in life (after <35) and are slower on buying a home. This trend has led them having more time to remain self-focused and to not have the same distracting responsibilities as their parents.

By the mindful practice of self-care, they can honestly take the time to check themselves, and adjust to health, nutrition, sleep, medication and recovery as necessary.

Brooke McAlary, in her book Destination Simple: Everyday Rituals for a Slower Life shows readers how to feel control, minimize stress, find pockets of peace on even the busiest of days with a few changes to the flow of daily life that can create long-term, lasting change. With the personal training app from Kayla Itsines, her followers can find fitness and exercise motivation through personalized programs.

Do a quick Google search, and you will find thousands of self-help, apps, authors, and blogs who accompany with lists of advice on how to avoid procrastination and help you find productivity, inspiration and great workout tools.

Google trends also show an increased search for such queries.



So, it comes as no surprise the self-care industry has reached a whopping $15 billion-dollar in combined iOS mobile application and Android revenues, and $27 million in worldwide revenue as per the Sensor Tower report.

In general, physical and mental wellness is a priority for everyone, and if your problems don’t go away, these apps are here to help you with a multitude of self-care tools.

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