Expense Report Software and so much more, for Small Business and Enterprise

Your company’s ideal expense report and expense business management solution. As employees snap receipts and submit mobile expense reports, create Bid’s, PO’s and so much more. Enjoy a streamlined process with powerful compliance, security and reporting tools.

We begin with an innovative process. Working closely with your team & understanding your business is our priority. Agile development is our way of staying ahead of the curve, always adapting, & prepared for any new addition to the system.

Activity logs keep track of anyone who has accessed the system. It also lets the admin know what was accessed, from where, and when. It’s an essential part of any business to be in the know. Terra motivates your employees by giving them permission-based access to a centralized system that the team can collaborate with is always a motivator when you have access to it on any device anywhere in the world.

Secure and hosted on a private dedicated server accessed by an employee portal login, we keep data secure & backed up so you can run your business without worry. Let us do that for you. We are Terra, and “Your Goal is Our Obsession”.

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