Another Milestone for Terra

The Beginning

Opening a new office doesn’t happen every day. In fact, it’s a big milestone for us at Terra ATS. Since our humble beginnings in 2008, we have been moving forward with our plans and yes, we’ve had hiccups and issues like every other business out there, but together we overcame the obstacles and have put together a team that is second to none.

Galveston & Houston

When we opened our first office in Galveston, Texas almost ten years ago, we would have never imagined that we were beginning a journey none of us could have possibly imagined at the time. We out grew the first office in a matter of a few years and moved on to downtown Houston. We quickly realized we were doing something right. The phone was ringing, emails were coming in, and we were off to the races—figuratively speaking of course. None of us had the time for an actual race.


After relocating in Houston for a few years, we had established new clients. We didn’t just complete one project for them, we completed several and are still progressing with those same clients today. Because of everyone’s support, Terra ATS successfully established their new corporate image, implemented new processes along with team restructuring; all of which have a positive impact on staff productivity, morale, and even staff retention.

Baytown: Oil & Gas

We later partnered with an oil and gas company to build a business automation system. Similar to most clients, they continuously added new features and functionality. Today, they use the system to run their entire business. We began receiving numerous requests for custom software and were eager to develop. Terra ATS made another decision—to expand in Baytown, Texas and serve the oil and gas industry.

Sugar  Land: Our New Location

Each location served a purpose and we are very happy to serve businesses all over Houston and the metropolitan area. Now we have made another huge move and opened a new office in Sugar Land, Texas. We are very excited about this expansion! The Sugar Land office is much closer to home, so everyone’s commute has been decreased by an hour, in both directions. 😊


That isn’t the only perk to the new office in Town Square, Sugar Land. We have beautiful office space, more social & network opportunities—not to mention all the restaurants & great meeting places. We can walk to the Flying Saucer, Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille, Jupiter Pizza & Waffle Co., Zoe’s Kitchen, Ben & Jerry’s and so many other great and award-winning places to eat, meet, and entertain our clients.

Moving to Sugar Land has been in the planning stages for almost 2 years. We have arrived & are ready to do whatever it takes to earn your business. We’re all huge advocates for this community & we’re excited our new 3rd office location now furthers our commitment.

Thanks to all our clients’ support throughout the years! We also want to give a special shout out to our new friends and staff in Sugar Land—we couldn’t have done it without you!


The new address:
2245 Texas Dr., Suite 387
Sugar Land, Texas 77479