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We love what we do.

Our team has a strong passion for the web, graphic design, and IT services. We would do it for free if we could. Plain and simple.

Website Design

Your website is many times the first impression someone will have of your company. With this in mind, it is extremely important to work with a web development firm that not only creates aesthetically pleasing sites, but also understands the importance of building a site with good usability and one that is properly structured for website marketing. Today a successful website requires a tremendous amount of research, planning and effort.

Mobile Design

Given the rapid adoption of tablets and smartphones, websites are mainly accessed from a variety of portable devices and locations. As a result, responsive design's popularity has been steadily increasing. Terra ATS creates traditional responsive design to modify layouts to fit screen with extra features designed for mobile. With advances in technology and strategic application of content, advertisers can offer a more compelling user experience. We develop responsive websites rather than just a mobile website. Thus, making it easier for search engines to crawl. Google prefers responsive design and considers it the industry standard.


Creating and managing an online business can be a rewarding, but a challenging endeavor. Electronic Commerce has changed the business lifestyle entirely. It has the potential to increase revenue by creating new markets for old products, creating new information-based products, and establishing new service delivery channels to better serve and interact with customers. The transaction management aspect of e-commerce can also enable firms to reduce operating costs by coordinating sales, production, distribution processes, and to consolidate operations while reducing overhead.

Graphic Design

Terra ATS provides you with a single-minded brand position from which all marketing decisions can flow. Our brand consultants and strategists promise you actionable marketing strategy, brand messaging, creative executions and a brand mission all designed to capture market share. Terra ATS blends strategy, creativity, and technology to create branding solutions that are more agile, innovative, efficient, and effective.

Search Engine Optimization

Terra ATS guaranteed SEO Services delivers results, making the decision to invest in search engine optimization an easy one. Our SEO agency will provide a custom SEO quote, targeting the most relevant and best converting keywords in your niche. Our SEO proposals offer guaranteed first page rankings in Google within 90 days for the majority of your target keywords. For local SEO campaigns, Terra ATS SEO is often able to guarantee Top 5 Google rankings within 90 days. We're not just experts in attracting highly relevant visitors to your website. Our MAIN focus is to make sure those visitors are reoccurring and are converted into leads, thus creating customers.

Wordpress Development

WordPress is an excellent step forward for businesses looking to advance their presence on the web. Due to its simplicity, it is open to possibilities. WordPress is used by some of the top businesses in the industry such as CNN, Forbes, Sony, Best Buy, Samsung, and many more! It is a powerful tool with robust features that can give your business full control.

We're all about creating something from nothing.

Ideas don't build themselves. We are a marketing company that helps you define your ideas and create a bigger picture.

About the Company

Terra Advanced Technical Solutions (Terra ATS) is a technical design company—with over 30 years of combined experience—staffed with a proven and talented in-house design and development team. Our team provides ongoing web design services, IT support, maintenance, and optimizations to keep your organization operating efficiently. Across all industries, IT infrastructures and design services are utilized to increase productivity, manage workflow, and communicate both internally and with clients. Our solutions are designed to help your organization create effective plans and align your business to maintain a competitive edge.

Mission & Objectives

Providing results, marketing, and technical solutions designed to meet your business objectives.

  • Increase business sales.
  • Help build loyal and reoccurring clients/customers.
  • Create innovative & effective websites to generate views and potential customers.
  • Design eye-catching advertisements, logos, and stationary to draw in more sales.
  • Maintain your business with the most-up-to date networking and servers through an in-house Terra ATS IT department.

Let's break down the process.

We work through a step-by-step process in order to understand your company, goals, needs, and the best solution to achieve those.


1. Discovery

Discovery takes place throughout the design process. The start of a project is marked by an initial idea or inspiration, often sourced from the Discovery phase. This is where we ask questions, pose a hypothesis or identify problems by analyzing market data, trends and other information sources. Here we will setup a meeting to better understand your company, the project in detail, and your goals.

2. Planning

The planning process, also known as "brainstorming" is where we gather all collected research about the client, company, and client's goals. This includes steps to estimate the size of the project, estimate the technical scope, and estimate the resources required to complete the project. Then as a team, we suggest ideas, produce a schedule, identify and assess risk, then negotiate commitments.

3. Execute

Whether it's coding for software or digitalizing an idea, we take the time to carefully incorporate all details and arrange them in a way to visually and emotionally capture the targeted audience successfully. Execution requires visualization capabilities—as well as good technical skills—and the proper tools to complete the project.

4. Review

This step is to ensure the initial design follows the business goals and user needs. We also review the design for alignment with broader initiatives and possible integration with other product designs. Once a design has been approved, we start the testing and client reviewing process. We make sure to look over for any human error, any coding bugs or glitches, and find a solution to correct them. We then submit the project to the client for a final review.

5. Launch

After the project has been reviewed and revised to complete satisfaction, we launch the project into a "live" mode—web or print-based. When launched, the website, software, or design is ready to be reviewed by the public through any media. Through request, we use web techniques such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google AdWords, and social media to increase viewers.

Toby Grubbs

Toby is the founder and executive director of Terra ATS with a Bachelor in Business Management and Minor in Graphic Design. It all started when the modern internet made its debut in the mid-1980s. Fascinated by its potential, his ideas and creativity grew. Nothing was going to hold him back. With a perfect combination of hard work and dedication, he is able to turn any idea into a reality.

Lori Grande

Lori is an award-winning lead graphic designer—a graduate from the Art Institute of Houston with a Bachelor in Graphic Design. Awards include: logo design winner for US Association for Energy and Economics Houston Chapter, t-shirt design winner for the Rod Ryan Show Cares 2013 Prostate Cancer Awareness, and the program cover design winner for Texas A&M University of Corpus Christi, Texas. Not only does she love her job as much as she loves food, she completely dedicates herself to successfully meet the business marketing needs.

Nolan Robinson

Considering himself a jack-of-all-trades, Nolan prefers to specialize in a little bit of everything. He plays the role of the lead web developer but also helps contribute with modernized designs. In his spare time he enjoys music, games, art, the outdoors, and spending time with his wonderful wife.

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